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We could all use a little something to get us pumped for summer :-))


Just a little something to get you pumped up for summer.

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NOOOO……Say it isn’t so!!



Well as per my post called “All life is Precious” I was concerned how the appearance of Morgan would impact the show. According to the article link below there is many angles the show is looking at. One of them being that Morgan may replace Daryl (that cannot happen, the fan base would boycott the show for sure). There is also speculation as to who would plan Negan from the comic book series. Read the article and let me know how you feel:

Will Morgan replace Daryl?

For the Ladies……

There is a big debate as to who the real “Hottie” on the show is. Are you “Team Rick” Andrew Lincoln or “Team Daryl” Norman Reedus? Well if you have not decided as of yet here is a little sample of the men in question for you to decide (check out the links lots of pictures there)………….. Psst I am “Team Daryl” (wink, wink). Or if the decision is just too difficult you can belong to both teams…….which in my opinion is a WIN, WIN!!

Stylin Rick

Images of Rick/Andrew

Stylin Daryl

Images of Daryl/Norman

Sadly there is a “Bromance” going on between these two. I guess that means we are out of luck ladies…..Boo Hoooooooo.

Daryl and Rick

Bromance Gallery of Daryl/Rick


All life is precious……

Rick & Morgan

Picture location

Now that Morgan has showed up in a big way, we realize he has somehow had a change of heart as to how he feels about other people. He makes a big statement that “All life is precious” (with the exception of “Walker’s”). He has spent a lot of time looking for Rick over the last five seasons. Rick is of the mentality that “it is us against them”. Rick will always be loyal to Morgan as he saved him way back in Season one; however It will be interesting to see how these two evolve in season six with their difference of opinion.  How will their differences play out?

If you missed the finale see the article below for all the shocking highlights.

Breakdown of the finale highlights

Season Six seems so far away


The count down is on for the season premiere. October 31, 2015 is along ways away. The popularity of the show continues to grow with 17.29 million people watching the season finale.

Information about Season Six

I personally will be counting down till my show comes back on, I don’t know what I am going to do with my Sunday nights now………..till Game of Thrones returns on April 12th :))

Only 214 sleeps away………..